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We only use local dairies and milk suppliers

Working With Your Pre-School/Nursery

There are several ways that FP School Milk UK could potentially work with your pre-school/nursery, such as:

  • Sponsored Sports Days
  • Marketing for your school to promote the uptake of milk
  • Points scheme for pre-schools, based on carton volume at each school
  • Total O’meter for schools to measure the amount of waste cartons they are saving from landfill, by having them collected and recycled with an award scheme connected to this
  • Milk Monitor Scheme – with badges/bibs for the weekly Milk Monitors
  • Workshops delivered by our own qualified teachers on the importance of Healthy Eating (in conjunction with the Governments Change 4 Life programme)
  • Environmental Workshops delivered in schools covering the importance of re-using & recycling
  • Lesson Plans/worksheets – based on Model Building – re-using our empty milk cartons to create something special in your art lessons.

Please contact us for more details on what is available in your area.